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Our Lady of the Angels (OLA) School Fire, December 1, 1958

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Mark Raymond (son of Bob) and Jason Raymond (son of John) Carrie and brother-in-law Mark Raymond (son of John)
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Bob Mujica ('63) and Mary Kay Raymond ('63) Francine and Bruce Nevers (OLA parishoners) Jim Grosso ('62) and wife Mary
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Tom ('70) and Jim ('62) Grosso and Jim's wife Mary
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Paul Scaglione and Debbie Budnik (daughter of Tom Raymond)
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Mary Kay Raymond-Masco ('63), with Tom Raymond's daughter, Debbie Budnik and wife Mary Ann Raymond Bob Mujica ('63)
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John Raymond ('62), Eric Morgan (webmaster), Wayne Jancik and Linda Maffiola ('69) John Raymond ('62), Eric Morgan (webmaster), Wayne Jancik and Linda Maffiola ('69) Betti Wasek ('65) and Eric Morgan (webmaster) Irene ('60) and Gerry ('59) Andreoli
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Matt Plovanich ('62) and Eric Morgan (webmaster) Clockwise from top are Tom Raymond ('60), Phil Abraham ('60), Paul Scaglione and Andy Salemi ('61) Paul and Maureen Scaglione Mary Kay Raymond-Masco ('63), Tom Raymond ('60) and Tom's wife Mary Ann
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John Raymond ('62) OLA Neighborhood Monopoly Game Board Class of '59 Reunion Photo And there was much dancing
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Our fine DJ and his assistant Still dancing... And more dancing And yet more dancing
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Eric Morgan (webmaster) with Irene ('60) and Gerry ('59) Andreoli John Raymond ('62)
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Keep on dancing Tom Raymond ('60), Sally Konley ('63) and Bob Mujica ('63)
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